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stress, pain, and a lot of negativity don't mix...

son's not doing well with school this year, last year's teacher, well... not good... this year he thinks it's okay to start acting like his father and it all but killed me to find out.

i got really sick at the end of september, sinus infection that, with all the stress and negativity since last year and worst this year it dropped to my lungs.  i've been struggling to breathe on and off, with days i can barely get out of bed.  everything is a struggle right now and evertime i make progress, something happens and i relapse

i'm not complaining but i miss being able to breathe and do the stuff i used to do.  

i've had to put aside a lot of things to focus on trying to get my son back on track and get this illness beat.  i know i'll be okay eventually, this is just a result of all the bad stuff. i need to focus on good things right now and things that make me happy.  life is telling me it won't begrudge my being selfish a little if it means i can deal with stuff and be well enough to  deal with everything the way i used to.  i know with enough effort i can get at least some results.

in any case i started trying to get online work experience.  i may not be able to work now, but at some point i will. so no wasting what time i have now.  

my guess is anxiety attacks fits the bill, the doctors think that's what i have now.. just can't deal with this, i thought i was strong enough to keep going but i need something else to get me through.

so this is longer than it should, my time is up this morning and i have to get going.  hopefully i stop by again soon. i miss EP.

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